The Motorcycle Diaries

I spent the Sunday with the Royal Enfield Continental GT.



One Lovely Afternoon In October

It’s raining almost every day and now there’s Cyclone Phailin on its way here. But when the rain lets up, there’s this softer light. Throw in a simple white wall and a beautiful girl and you’ve got everything you need for a fun photo session.



When my friends asked me to photograph their one-year old daughter, I was excited. I was also terrified. It could go well but what if it didn’t? As it turns out, I didn’t need to worry. She loved my camera and all the funny things I made her do.

IMG_7267 IMG_7243 IMG_7168 IMG_7170 IMG_7199 IMG_7218-2IMG_8020IMG_7999IMG_7989IMG_7982-2IMG_7953

Her slightly older and also very photogenic cousin.IMG_7923IMG_8004


I’m back in my hometown Hyderabad for an extended vacation and I just had to revisit one of my old favourite shoot locations. These are government maintained Eucalyptus plantations. They plant the trees in long, neat lines which makes for interesting compositions. After getting hopelessly lost before eventually remembering where the place was, I only caught the last half hour of light. But that’s really all I needed. I hope you guys like these.

Through The Looking Glass

I haven’t posted in a while because I wasn’t very happy with anything I’d done. This shoot I like. She has the most expressive eyes. And hands. Expect more of her soon. And do tell me what you think of these?